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Who Apex Pressure Washing Serves

Commercial clients from all over the Lowcountry in South Carolina trust us to handle their exterior and interior cleaning needs when it comes to pressure washing. They know we have the tools and experience to get the job done correctly and on time, no matter the size. Restaurants, hotels, retirement communities, apartment complexes, and so much more have used our services to maintain their interior and exterior appearance for future customers. Our team helps them create a fantastic first impression on potential and returning customers. All of our team members are covered by general liability, commercial vehicle insurance along with workman’s comp and business licenses in every municipality in the Lowcountry. Apex is covered for all of our jobs. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how our team can clean your sidewalks, siding, brick, kitchens, and more!

commercial pressure washing

Pressure Washing Services for Commercial Businesses

Our team at Apex Pressure Washing has dedicated themselves to delivering high-quality pressure washing services to businesses in the Charleston, SC area. We want our neighbors and fellow entrepreneurs to be proud when they walk into their complex, restaurant, hotel, office, and more. Our services also help draw customers in and welcome them to your business. Our pride in the industry has also led us to find the best methods to get the job done correctly. Through much research, we’ve found that we can use commercial-grade heaters and 8gpm pumps for less chemical usage with superior results. The use of these types of solutions that rely on heavy chemicals can be dangerous for your landscaping and your health if you breathe too much of them.

Restaurants Are Our Specialty Pressure Washing Customers

Over the years, we have developed a specialty of applying our services to the restaurant industry. We ensure they maintain a clean kitchen by pressure washing away grease and grime from the kitchen floors. They also count on us to keep their patios and other outdoor seating areas clean and inviting for their guests. Your furniture can take a beating from the external conditions, but with our pressure washing services, we can keep them looking brand-new! We have assisted many locally-owned restaurants, and even some larger nationwide commercial fast food options keep their interior and exterior looking their best.

Pressure Washing Services You Can Count On!