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Years of Experience With Pressure Washing Services

With many years in the industry, our owner, Charles A. Gilbert, set out to make Apex Pressure Washing the best option when it comes to pressure washing services for commercial clients in the Charleston, SC area. He has surrounded himself with a dedicated staff and equipped them with the best tools the industry has to offer. At Apex, we work tirelessly to construct relationships with all our clients to give them a sense of relief when they need pressure washing services, whether inside their kitchen or all over their retirement community. We work with commercial businesses of any size because we can handle all jobs they have for us with no problems. Our team works efficiently as well to ensure your company spends as little downtime as possible. Count on us to work around your schedule! Give us a call today and let us show you want we can do with our expert tools and experience.

Charles clicking picture with vehicle

Hot Water Makes All the Difference at Apex Pressure Washing

To be the best in the Lowcountry, we have to work with the best. Our team uses commercial-grade heaters and 8gpm pumps, so we don’t have to rely on high-grade chemicals to get the job done right. Since we don’t have to utilize harsh solutions, you don’t have to worry about your landscape, which you may have invested a great deal in to create the perfect aesthetic for your storefront and entryways. These chemicals are also harsh to breathe in and can lead to further downtime so that they can be appropriately dispelled through natural air or through your ventilation. We have had great success using our high-pressure hot water method and techniques. You can read their testimonials here.

Apex Pressure Washing Specialty Commercial Projects

Our team is experienced enough to handle any size commercial job you need to deliver interior and exterior pressure washing services. Over the years, though, we have developed and specialty for handling restaurant and commercial property jobs. No matter the size of your parking lot, however winding your sidewalk, or how tall your building is, we are the team to call. Many of our competitors will only be able to clean the exterior of your building, but with our expert tools, we can get inside your kitchen to remove built-up grease and dirt to ensure you have the cleanest cooking space for your chefs and patrons.

Pressure Washing Services You Can Count On!